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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  August 30, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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reporter: from cupertino, what santa clara deputies are doing at this hour in connection with an overnight deputy-involved shooting. we are now just 30 minutes away from the release of the final report on the san bruno pipeline disaster. the early details leaked by the ntsb early this morning. reporter: three people hit by gunfire in richmond, including a woman who was driving on interstate 80. we'll have details on the investigation now under way coming up. and the damage from hurricane irene expands. the lingering effects on travelers here in the bay area. the morning news continues. good morning, thank you for joining us. it's tuesday, august 30th. i'm pam cook. >> good morning, i'm dave clark. let's check weather and
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traffic. here's steve. reporter: all right, pam and dave, thank you very much. a bigger fog bank today, also a stronger sea breeze. that equals cooler inland temps, maybe a good five to 10 degrees by the coast, really not much change. fog and some sun. but there's a lot of gray out there, 50s, 60s, 70s coast and bay and low- to mid-80s inland. here's sal. reporter: steve, right now traffic on interstate 880 is moving along very nicely. there are no major problems as you drive up to the coliseum, northbound 880 traffic looks pretty good. also the morning commute looks pretty good on westbound 880 heading out to the macarthur maze. now let's go back to the desk. the investigation continues into an overnight police shooting in cupertino. it happened on stevens creek boulevard. ktvu's kraig debro joins us now from cupertino, tells us a long stretch of that busy buford boulevard is still closed this morning, right, kraig? reporter: right, pam. this is an unusually large crime scene. we're at sterns and stevens creek.
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the crime scene actually stretches all the way through finch. so if you're commuting through here, you might want to think of an alternate route. about 10:00 p.m. last night sheriff's deputies told us that a deputy stopped a person on the street, on stevens creek because he thought that person might have been involve inside a vehicle theft and that there was an exchange of gunfire. now but 1:00 a.m. this morning, they issued this press release saying basically -- not even mentioning there had been an exchange of gunfire. you probably just watched a car being towed out of the crime scene area. that car we don't know for sure, we haven't been able to check and confirm it with deputies, but it was from inside the crime scene as deputies did tell us earlier that this may have started with a vehicle theft. that's what they were investigating, a vehicle theft and that's when the deputy came upon that person and the person was actually -- whoever was the suspect or the person of interest was shot. he has non-life threatening injuries. we're still trying to get more information from deputies. now, in addition to this vehicle theft, there's also word that a rotten robbie may
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have been involved at some point. we did get a tip from somebody late last night telling us that the rotten robbie had been involved in what happened on stevens creek boulevard which involved that deputy sheriff, which involved that person of interest or suspect in the vehicle theft, we just don't know. i just tried to call the p.a.o., got his message machine, left a message, still trying to find out what exactly happened here at stevens creek with the deputy and how it connects with the rotten robbie here. again, i want to remind everybody that if you're traveling through here, this is shut down, it's been shut down for nine hours now, about nine hours, and it doesn't look like it has any end in sight. we walked down there just about a half hour ago, about quarter mile, 2/3 of a mile and it's a very busy crime scene down there. it doesn't look like it's going to be cleaned up anytime soon. reporting live in cupertino, kraig debro, ktvu channel 2 news. 6:03. we're going to get some answers today about that deadly san bruno pipeline disaster as a
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federal panel opens a hearing. in fact, it's at 6:30 that hearing in washington d.c. is due to begin. coming up in about 10 minutes from now, we'll take you live to our washington d.c. bureau to get a preview of the findings of the national transportation safety board. overnight a small earthquake rattled san francisco. a magnitude 2.9 earthquake hit at 12:19 this morning. it was centered about two miles southwest of the san francisco zoo. we checked with the u.s. geological survey's website and it was felt in pacifica, daley city, burlinggame, oakland, even some people in walnut creek felt it. no reports, though, of any damage or injuries. time now 6:03. richmond police are investigating a shooting where three people were shot. a neighbor calls and the shot spotter led police to a gas station and a motel late last night. as ktvu's allie rasmus, tells us, and she's there now, police found two men who had been wounded. allie. reporter: well, those two gunshot victims were driving a white suv when this shooting broke out around 10:40 last
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night. that suv pulled into this gas station here behind us where a lot of the shooting occurred. if you look behind us you can see off in the distance there is still some gunshots, excuse me, still some bullet holes in the brick post at this 76 station. the two mep in that suv -- men in that suv were hit and then their suv hit and busted open a natural gas line also at this gas station. pg&e repaired the line this morning. the two men who were shot ran to the 40 flags motel next door to the gas station and that's where police found them last night. the two men went to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. when the gas line broke and people staying at the hotel and residents in this area were evacuated as a precaution. some residents told ktvu that they are much more concerned about the shooting that occurred here last night. several witnesses told us there was a lot of gunfire in rapid suck suggestion that seemed to go on on for several minutes. >> 35. reporter: 35?
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>> yeah, many. reporter: now, less than a block away from this gas station is interstate 80 and that's where a third victim was shot. richmond police say a woman was driving east on 80 near mcdonald avenue coming home from the elcerito bart station when a car driving erratically opened fire as it drove by. the woman was hit and police said she suffered non-life threatening injuries. this morning richmond police are looking into the possibility the same people may be involved here at the shooting at this gas station. at this point investigators don't know how many people may have been involve inside that shooting. they don't have any suspect descriptions to give us. the only clue they have to go on so far this morning is that black car seen driving on interstate 80. allie rasmus, ktvu news. we're getting a glimpse now of what the new eastern span of the bay bridge will look like all lit up. last night caltrans flipped the
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switch on the cruz lights, the 1,000-foot long orange catwalks. look at that. the lights allow the crews to work during the night. it's hard to install and measure cables during the daytime. the heat of the sun can affect their lanes. >> we've been watching this whole thing develop, watching the cranes come in, so everyday progress is being made, but always wondered really what they were doing with all of that, so it's exciting to see it come together. >> the eastern span is due to be finished in 2013. when it's done it'll be the largest self-anchored suspension bridge in the whole world. 6:06 is the time right now. back over to sal. how is the bridge, speaking of the bridge, sal? reporter: it's actually doing pretty well, the old bay bridge that we're still using, pretty good. there's a little bit of a backup here at the toll plaza and the metering lights go on about this time. they usually go on just around 6:15, sometimes a little earlier, but around then, and right now traffic is going to be just a little slow in some
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of these cash lanes. this morning's commute looks okay on interstate 880 in both directions. if you are driving past the coliseum. and there are no major problems there. southbound 680, we've had a couple of different things go on. we had an accident at olympic boulevard earlier, and now it looks like a brand new crash southbound 680 and pleasant hill as you drive down to one of the boulevard exits there. so give yourself a little extra time as you drive from pleasant hill to walnut creek. 6:07. let's go to steve. >> sal, thank you, sir. a lot of low clouds and fog starting to march not only up and down the coast, but also inland, so a bigger fog bank today means cooler. i think about the same tomorrow. 60s, 70s and 80s, some pockets on the fog, though, stay 50s and 60s by the coast. not much change there. it does look warmer thursday and friday. we may get a little north wind, should take care of some of that fog, but today that's not the case. the fog will win out, even if you have inland sunshine, it'll
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be dropping five or 10 degrees on some of these afternoon highs. so thick fog, cool for some on the coast, not for everybody. it'll be a gray day for many. morning fog gives way to sunshine, but only 60s and 70s around the bay, but then fog, sun, breezy, cooler for inland temps unless you're very far inland and then you may get some upper 80s or low 90s. 46. yes, 46 up in santa rosa. that is cool for this time of year. if it wasn't for the fog, we'd have cooler readings for other locations, but a lot of 50s, livermore 54, fairfield 56. and you combine that with a west/southwest wind at 23, that's turbo charged, going right into vacaville and sacramento and a west/southwest at oakland and also sfo and the napa airport. no problem from the golden gate, san pablo bay on that sea breeze. it's being helped along by that system right there. as it moves in, that enhances our fog for a day or two.
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behind that high pressure should come in and that might scour out some of that fog, but probably not until thursday or friday. until then there's a lot to deal with in the way of low clouds and fog. unless you're around clear lake, it probably won't matter, but everywhere else it will. 60s and 70s or very, very low 80s for some. 78 for concord. we'll still go 80s, low to mid from pittsburgh. 65 alameda, berkeley. 68 hayward. that's down two from yesterday. 76 san jose, 75 for sunnyvale, 78 saratoga. a lot of 50s on the coast, really socked in. maybe some upper 60s or very low 70s near santa cruz, but 64 in the city, mineral park 73, not much warmer for anyone else, woodside 76. looks like a carbon copy on wednesday. thursday and friday we should get a north wind. that might take care of most of that fog for a wick warmup, -- quick warmup, but as we head in with your weekend always in view, a little cooler pattern
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on saturday and much cooler on sunday. happening right now, we want to take you to andrews air force base. there he is, president obama, caught him right before entering marine one. the president and some other white house officials, of course, going to tour some of the areas hardest hit by hurricane irene. they will be in virginia, north carolina and vermont to survey the damage left behind, and the president, again, live look there at andrews air force base. the hurricane irene is gone, of course, but the damage left behind and they are still cleaning up this morning. the town of prattsville, new york, also one of the hardest hit areas, and we want to show you video. take a look at this if you haven't seen it, this is from sunday, showing the massive flood waters raging through the streets there. total cost of damage could be $10 billion at this point. stay with us here, though, on the ktvu channel 2 morning news because coming up in just a
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little bit we're going to go to one of the other hard hit areas, agawaw, massachusetts. adam housely was out there and he was talking about the number of bridges that are wiped out because of the flood waters. so, of course, that means people are going to be stranded, it's going to take a long time to get back to anything close to normal, but the president heading to that area. >> i was thinking yesterday also about the after effects, snakes. >> oh, gosh, yeah. >> mold and all kinds. >> in new jersey they're dealing with sewage, brown water through the town. it's really just a mess. time now 6:11. get ready for tiger, how bay area golf fans can get up close and personal with the biggest star in golf. a denny's waitress is attacked, caught on tape. the man santa clara police are now looking for.
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welcome back to the morning news. time now 6:14. and santa clara police are searching for a man they say asawlgted a denny's waitress. part of that attack was caught on camera. we want to show you surveillance video from the denny's on elcamino reale. police say on august 13th, they responded to a group of intoxicated people at the restaurant. when a waitress asked them to quiet down, one man allegedly threw silverware at her and cut her face. police say he then punched the waitress, knocking her unconscious. now, this is an image of the suspect police are looking for.
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he is described as white or latino, six feet tall, about 220 pounds. anyone with information is asked to call santa clara police. time now 6:15. in just about 15 minutes government investigators will give details about what caused the san bruno pipeline explosion that killed eight people and destroyed 38 homes last year. ktvu's alison burns live in our d.c. bureau on what investigators will say. allison. reporter: dave, that's right, and ahead of this morning's hearing we got a rare look inside the ntsb lab where investigators have been examining that section of pipe where the explosion originated. it is a 28-foot section of pipe that's been under intense scrutiny. pacific gas and electric still can't say where the 1950s-era pipe that ran under the san bruno neighborhood originated, but investigators say it was not inspected as it should have been. they're focused on the seams of the pipe. they say the welding was not up
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to any safe standard. >> what's important and what you all can see here is that it's visible to the naked eye. this is an area that should have been welded. you can see that section has not been welded from the inside. reporter: survivors of the pipeline explosion said they are eager to hear today's official findings, although some have already reached their own conclusions about what happened and are pointing the finger at pg&e. we'll have live coverage during my next update in about 45 minutes. for now, live in washington d.c., alison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. this morning japan has a new prime minister. the country's parliament elected former finance minister yashihiko noda this morning. he is the sixth prime minister in five years. he now faces several problems, though, including the tsunami recovery efforts and a sluggish economy. he succeeds naoto, kan who resigned after six months in
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office. no wanted poster are up around the city with photos of 35-year-old aaron bassler. he's accused of shooting councilman jerry maylo on saturday. maylo was working as a forester when he apparently stumbled onto opium poppies that bassler was trying to grow. bassler is believed to be holed up somewhere in the woods. >> his whereabouts are unknown, but we do have a general idea of where he may be at this time. >> in the meantime passenger service on mendocino county's skunk train is due to resume today or tomorrow. that service was suspended since the councilman's shooting right near the rail line. 6:17 is the time. we hear there's another new crash, pleasant hills, sal? reporter: that's right, intersate 680, pam and dave, 680 southbound at treat boulevard. there's a new crash. now, remember there was another one just down the road at olympic, so a couple of hits here for concord and walnut creek. 680 still has not become really slow, but as we move over to
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the side, i want to show you that antioch traffic, you can see bright red on the road sensors, it is already slowing down which is typical. let's go to live pictures now. want to show you the bay bridge. metering lights have been switched on. there's a little bit of a backup, and i do say little, it's not much of one just yet. if you're driving in the south bay, 280 northbound looks good. remember, a pretty big chunk of stevens boulevard is close inside cupertino, right near the rotten robbie gas station near finch and judy, also tantow avenue so that stretch closed. we'll let you know when it does reopen. 6:18, let's go to steve >> sal, thank you very much. we have a cooler pattern today. the fog came back in a big way, helped along by a system moving into the north. so there's no problem with even inland areas cooling down today, and for some, especially san francisco, oakland, it's going to be a cool day, a lot of 60s on these temps, even some 50s, low clouds, maybe some local drizzle or mist, dense fog and gray skies. 50s, 60s, maybe a few pockets of sun, but there's a lot of
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fog out there to deal with today. and another system moving into the north is helping. look at that, 45 at santa rosa, my goodness, that is cold. 50s for everyone else, but that 45, that speaks volumes there. that's going to be a cool day. west/southwest 23 at fairfield, so the delta breeze has no problem just flying right along, all the way out to the valley and that's that system right there. so 50s, 60s and 70s. in fact, temperatures inland come down about five or 10 degrees. i don't think they change too much by the coast. 56, they've been stuck there for a while. looks like more of the same on wednesday, then thursday and friday, the possibility of a little north wind should scour things out and give us a quick warmup. with your weekend always in view, a nice saturday, cooler on saturday. pam. >> thank you, steve. just a few minutes ago the latest report on home prices was released, and it wasn't what most economists had forecast. the kay schiller index of the 20 largest markets shows home prices rose 1.1% in june. most analysts expected to see
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it drop by as much as 5%. prices increased in 19 of the 20 cities. overall prices increased more than 3 1/2% during the spring. auto desk is expanding in hopes of adding 200 workers in the next five years. the san rafael-based software market says it will add to offices in the one market complex. that means it will have 700 employees in the city. they hope the expansion will draw in new talented workers who live on the peninsula and would find the commute to marin county difficult. 6:20. tiger woods coming ba being here to the bay area. the super star from stanford will play in a tournament in san marteen in october. he's using the southern santa clara county event as a tuneup for november's president's cup in australia. tiger is no longer the world's number one golfer, in fact, he's currently ranked 38th, but he still brings in the big crowds. this tournament will give bay area fans a chance to get up close and personal with the biggest star in golf.
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6:21 is the time right now. the death toll from hurricane irene has climbed to 40. coming up we're going to go to massachusetts for more on the devastation left behind by the storm. good morning. westbound bay bridge, it's a little bit crowded headed up to san francisco. we'll tell you what the backup at the toll plaza is. [ male announcer ] get ready for the left lane. the volkswagen autobahn for all event is back. right now, get a great deal on new volkswagen models, including the jetta, awarded a top safety pick by the iihs. that's the power of german engineering. hurry in and lease the jetta s for just $179 a month. ♪ visit today. a tri-tip sirloin, and endless salad bar, all for just $10.99. sizzler. thinking fresh every day.
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good morning. traffic is moving along pretty well if you're driving on 80 westbound heading out to the macarthur maze. no major problems. traffic is looking good all the way to the bay bridge. well, cleanup from hurricane irene is just beginning. the price tag could reach $10 billion adam housely is live in one of the hardest hit areas of massachusetts. good morning, adam. tell us about the conditions today where you are and also about what people are dealing with in terms of insurance because certainly we heard and hopefully learned a lot from katrina. reporter: yeah, you know, we have, pam. in fact, what's interesting about the insurance situation, we know of at least 10 or 12 small towns in massachusetts, vermont and new york all kind of meet up in that area that they still can't get to because the roads were washed out. many of these towns, very similar to the bay area
6:26 am
topography and some of the smaller valleys where you have small streams or creeks or rivers that go through there that aren't use today getting that kind of rain in such a short time frame. when the rain came down so heavy, it washed out the roads, so the insurance ajustors and emergency personnel can't even get into some of those areas. even though people are saying they're okay, they haven't been able to contact them because cell phone service and phone service is out in a lot of those places as well. you're talking about a situation that some people are thankful that it didn't get hit hard, yet many others did get impacted significantly by this storm. >> you're really talking the day-to-day effects of this. so the people who are stranded and perhaps where the insurance adjustors can't get in, what about stores and supplies and food, how are they doing with all that? reporter: it depends on the area. we're about an hour or so south of some of the areas that were really impacted bad where you had roads washed out and literally houses washington down the stream. those people have a little more difficulty getting stuff, especially if you can't get out of town. other people can drive south to
6:27 am
where we're located and places outside of springfield where you have stores and lights on, all that kind of stuff. let me show you this to while -- this too while we're here. this is the connecticut river that runs from vermont straight south into massachusetts and connecticut, eventually to the ocean. this is the connecticut river, this is the main river in the area. i can tell you all the tributaries that come into this, tons of water, about a foot from going over the edge, all sorts debris flowing southward towards the ocean and there are tons of communities all way down this river with flood warnings until you reach the ocean. people here will tell you that while they're worried about this river, at least they have the opportunity to evacuate, it wasn't a flash flood situation. and these people also dealing with the economic impact because, you know, you have extra police forces and first responders necessary, you have roads being damaged as well and you have homes and cars being threatened down here. so while they didn't get the flash flood situation to our north, they definitely have a
6:28 am
situation to watch closely down here. >> and also the economic impact as well because we're already dealing with a very tough economy. so now stores and businesses are some of them starting to open up? reporter: yeah. it depends on the area. there's been at some point 4 or 5 million people without power. i know massachusetts yesterday got i think something like 70% of those customers back on. we were in rhode island yesterday where down there a very popular tourist location like so many places around the bay area, coming up to labor day weekend, they still didn't have power and they were under the impression they may not have power until after labor day. the businesses around there were talking about how they avoided the storm, but now they're going to get hit in the pocket book because they have no power to cook, no power to let people into the hotels and that was a totally different type of circumstance than they were expecting. they thought maybe they would get more damage and in effect they're getting hit straight in the pocketbook. >> thanks for that update. thank you for the latest on all
6:29 am
of that. time now 6:28. another monday night, another bart protest in downtown san francisco. >> no justice. >> no peace. >> there was one big difference in this latest demonstration. an overnight shooting in richmond sends three people to the hospital. what police are now saying about the investigation.
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, welcome back to the morning news. live look at the new york stock exchange. they just rang the opening bell. dow jones about 40 points. we'll have business news coming up. good morning to you, thanks for joining us or condition tvu morning news. good morning, i'm dave clark. >> i'm pam cook. time now 6:30. in overnight news this morning, three people in the hospital now after being shot in richmond. two of the victims were hurt outside of a motel and gas station, a third victim was caught right in the crossfire. ktvu's allie rasmus just talked
6:32 am
to the police. she's back now. so what do you know, allie? reporter: well, this shooting happened at carlson and 55th and this gas station here behind us was kind of at the center of this shooting. this is a 76 station in richmond on carlson and 55th street. we just got some new information from richmond police about exactly what happened here. a man driving an suv was hit by gunfire. you can see some of the bullet holes there in the brick posts there at the gas station. his vehicle then crashed into a natural gas line that is located in the back of this parking lot. then a second man was also struck by gunfire and richmond police say he then climbed onto the roof of the motel next door to try and escape. this all happened around 10:40 last night. the men were taken to the hospital with non-life threatening gunshot wounds. they are expected to survive. several witnesses told us there was a lot of gunfire, 20 to 35 shots in rapid succession, they say is seemed to go on for several minutes. when this gas line ruptured, residents and people staying in the hotel were evacuated as a
6:33 am
precaution. overall, it was a pretty chaotic scene according to richmond police. >> it was very unusual finding a victim on the roof of the building, having a gas line ruptured and just the chaos of the scene and trying to contain it, it was a little bit hectic. reporter: now, less than a block away from this gas station is interstate 80. now that it's lighter outside, you can get an idea of how close it is. this is where a third victim was shot. richmond police say a woman was driving east on 80, just as she exited mcdonald avenue, police say a black car drove past her and opened fire as they drove by. the woman was hit and police say she suffered non-life threatening injuries. this morning richmond police say they are looking into the possibility that the people who shot that driver may be the same people involved in the shooting here at this gas station. they say the common clue is the vehicle description is the same. both victims, all three victims in this case reported seeing a black car speeding away from
6:34 am
the scene. so far police don't know a motive and they don't know how many suspects, how many gunmen may be involved. live in richmond, allie rasmus, ktvu channel 2 news. right now a hearing is under way in washington d.c. on the san bruno pipeline explosion. federal safety officials are releasing their conclusions about what caused that deadly blast. coming up at 6:43, we're going to have a live report from san bruno where people are closely watching today's events. time now 6:33. one of the main roads in and out of yosemite national park is open again after being shut down by a major wildfire. crews have been out there battling the wildfire since last thursday. it forced the closure of highway 140. but that road opened at 6:00, little over half hour ago. the wildfire, by the way, is now about 50% contained. in overnight news one man has been wounded in a police shooting in santa clara county. it happened on stevens creek
6:35 am
boulevard. ktvu's kraig debro joins now -- joins us now from cupertino where there is still a large crime scene this morning. reporter: good morning, pam. we happen to be on stevens creek and stern, very close to 280, but this part of stevens creek is closed all the way down to finch, as far as the eye can see there. that is a long stretch to take away from the morning commute. conflicting accounts this morning from the santa clara county sheriff's office. a deputy told us this last night: >> a deputy planned to make a pedestrian stop on an individual. shortly after there was an exchange of gunfire. it's still unconfirmed that the deputy shot at this time or that the suspect shot. reporter: so he says there was an exchange of gunfire, but then he says it wasn't clear if the deputy shot or if the suspects shot. then they issued a press release around 1:00 this morning that says that second paragraph there, there were shots fired. the suspect, shots were fired, the suspect was hit with non- life threatening injuries.
6:36 am
now, about a half hour ago we shot this videotape of a car being towed away from the scene. remember, this all began with a suspect walking down stevens creek boulevard and that deputy stopping a suspect, believing he was a suspicious person. he's wanted in connection possibly with a stolen vehicle. we saw a car being towed away about 30 minutes ago. can't be totally sure if that's connected with this crime, but it was towed away from inside the crime scene, so at least we have that. i'm still trying to get some confirmation on that from the santa clara county sheriff's office this morning. also you can see that there was some crime scene work being done in front of an apartment building which was next to a subway. that's next to tantow. the sheriff's office says the stop was made because the deputy considered the man a suspicious person who may have been involved in a vehicle theft. >> we don't know that yet, it was a pedestrian stop. we're still trying to determine what the issue was or why the individual was stopped.
6:37 am
ktvu also got a tip last night that something happened at this rotten robbie. the sheriff's office hasn't told us anything about that, but there is some crime scene tape blocking the rotten robbie. we come back out live, off in the distance there you can see there are some deputies at that gas station right now. again, they haven't released any information about that gas station. there is clearly crime scene tape not only blocking the entrance off stevens creek, but that side street as well. checking with santa clara county sheriff's office on just what connection, if any that gas station has with this deputy-involved shooting. reporting live in cupertino, kraig kraig debro, ktvu news. it's becoming a monday night ritual, protestors staged yet another demonstration against bart in downtown san francisco. >> no justice. >> no peace. >> disban the bart police. >> you can see several protestors march from station to station at the height of the evening commute. but this time there was a major change in the tactics.
6:38 am
the protestors worried about dwindling public support did not upset the ride home for bart riders, however, there were some pretty intense moments at the barta dero station. >> if they was stopping me from going home to see my kids, i'd bust them in the head too. >> police made at least two arrests. the demonstrators are angry at last month's police shooting at bart's civic center station. they're also protesting bart's decision to shut down cell phone service ahead of a protest earlier this month. san francisco voters will not have to wait long to learn the winner of this year's mayoral race. elections officials tell the examiner that they will release early-ranked choice results the day after the election. that will give voters a better idea of which mayoral candidates are among the top vote getters and who is likely to win. the official results aren't final, though, until all the ballots are counted which usually takes a couple of weeks. time now 6:38.
6:39 am
hey, sal, can you get everybody to where they need to go? reporter: yeah. you know, there is slow traffic on the east shore freeway this morning. we had a couple of wrecks there and traffic is still pretty slow. we had traffic -- there was a crash at panole valley road. looks like another one on west 80 at san pablo dam road. if you drive from vallejo and drive towards richmond, you're going to need extra time this morning. some people drive on highway 4 and it's pretty good on highway 4 coming through the martinez area and then you're going to be in for a lot of slow traffic waiting for you on interstate 80. now, if you are driving to the freemont area, traffic on 880 southbound looks pretty good between hayward and freemont. also this morning we're looking at the east shore freeway, a little bit farther down between berkeley and oakland, it looks pretty good here, although it is pretty crowded. and when you get to the toll plaza it is backed up for a 10- minute delay before you make it onto the bridge. at 6:39, let's go to steve. >> thank you, sal. a lot more in the way of low clouds and fog today, it means
6:40 am
cooler inland temps. really can't see a change by the coast and around the bay. temperatures there 50s, 60s 70s. it's in the inland where they warmed up to the 80s. today a lot of 70s and 80s and that's all because of another system digging into the pacific northwest, the tail end of the southern end of that influences our fog, so thick fog around the coast, some sun, but a lot more low clouds than fog, continued cool. 50s, 60s, morning fog, then sunny and breezy around the bay. inland fog, sun, but really chilly pattern here. cooler and breezy as temperatures come down, and that system that moves into the north will be with us today and tomorrow, then we might get high pressure coming in behind that. but it was down to 45 at santa rosa. they are 46 chilly degrees. 10 warmer at napa. if it wasn't for the breeze and the low clouds, they would probably be cooler than that. that at the airport, of course. san jose at 56 with redwood city 53. west/west 23 miles per hour at fairfield and west/southwest at vacaville, that all equals the breeze coming right through the
6:41 am
carkina straits, so with the sea breeze in place, there's not much going to change because that system right there has high pressure digging, it drops the whole low pressure system on the west coast and it lifts that fog and it flies inland. so low clouds, a really cool, breezy pattern for the morning, so maybe some layers here. now, later on in the afternoon, it will be nice inland, but over by the coast it's going to stay on the cool side with a lot of 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s inland unless you're in areas that just don't get the fog. but a delta breeze in full force and fog, sun, cooler conditions today. we will go from 50s to 90s. 90 up in yukia and clear lake, 77 napa, 65 richmond, 62 at stinson beach. some low- to mid-80s well inland, but a lot of 60s including berkeley and alameda. 72 casstro valley, walnut creek 78. 80s low mainly for gilroy. san jose at 76.
6:42 am
same for woodside, but a lot of 50s if you're stuck in that fog up and down the coast, did go to 70 in santa cruz. thursday and friday do look warmer, maybe with a north wind. with your weekend in view, it does look nice on saturday, cooler on sunday. >> seems to be the ongoing trend. 6:41 is the time right now. police across the country have been looking for a former nba player wanted in a fatal shooting. what the fbi says he did, but that it was not on purpose. reporter: we're live in san bruno where people are anxiously awaiting the government's final report on the pipeline disaster. we'll tell you what the investigation revealed. reporter: good morning, northbound 280 is moving along very nicely in san jose, getting up into the lawrence expressway. why one major street in the south bay is still closed.
6:43 am
6:44 am
6:45 am
. good morning to you. welcome back. here's a quick look at some of the top stories we're following for you right now at 6:44. richmond police say three people were shot overnight. two men were wounded near a motel on carlson boulevard. a woman who had been driving in the area was also shot, reportedly she was caught in the crossfire. an investigation continues into a police shooting last
6:46 am
night in cupertino. sheriff's deputies say they were questioning a man about a car theft when he allegedly pulled out a gun and fired shots at them. the deputies fired back, wounding that suspect. he is expected to survive. the deputies were not hurt. and white house officials will survey hurricane irene damage in virginia, north carolina and vermont today. the death toll from the hurricane is now up to at least 40. damage could top $10 billion. a federal hearing on the san bruno explosion is beginning right now in washington. we want to take you there live right now. the national transportation safety board will release its findings and perhaps discuss who is to blame for the deadly blast. san bruno city leaders, including the mayor are there at that hearing. we're keeping an eye on it and tara joins us from san bruno right now where people have waited for this day for nearly a year. tara. reporter: well, of course, you know the rebuilding has begun,
6:47 am
as you can see by some of the the houses that line the streets here. and a lot of folks probably very anxious to discover exactly what caused this accident. the reason for the flawed pipe which used to sit at the bottom of this hill is still a mystery. the ntsb says this is also a very difficult investigation because of pg&e's shoddy recordkeeping. you'll recall on september 9th last year, the line exploded, igniting a fireball, injuring 58 and killing. a yearlong federal probe has not determined yet where the ruptured pipe segment came from or who is responsible for its welding defects. that means pg&e and state regulators can't say if similar segments were installed in the bay area. the pipe was installed 54 years ago and investigators have determined six small sections of the pipe were inconsistent with other sections, raising the possibility those were constructed in the field, perhaps by pg&e or a third party. another important issue is the electrical glitch at a malpedis
6:48 am
mission line terminal which caused a slight increase in pressure before the explosion. it took pg&e an hour and a half to manually turn off gas feeding the inferno. now, pg&e did release a statement this morning, saying it was committed to public safety and will "replace or upgrade many older gas lines at automatic or remote shutoff valves and help develop state- of-the-art pipeline inspection technologies." we will, of course, continue to monitor the hearing in washington and let you know what the ntsb' final report reveals. live in san bruno, i'm taramoriarty, channel 2 news. >> again, that hearing is going on right now in washington. you can watch it live by going to the right now section of our website, a former nba player is in police custody this morning. javaris crittendon is under arrest in connection with the killing of an atlanta woman earlier this month. the fbi took crittendon into custody at a southern
6:49 am
california airport late last night as he was about to travel to atlanta. now, prosecutors say he shot a 22-year-old mother of four, but that she was not his intended target. he could be ordered to appear in court later today. time now 6:48. leek leek appears to have -- leak leak appears to have -- wiki leaks reportedly has lost control of its entire database of a quarter million classified state department cables. and the leaked cables are not censored to hide very sensitive information. that means the names of informants and suspected intelligence agents are now exposed. 6:48 is the time right now. there have been a few crashes this morning. so let's check in with sal. reporter: that's right. and we also have some late- running road work now on highway 17. if you come down to las gados, there's road work right there and unfortunately they were doing some repaving and they didn't quite finish in time. it's 17 northbound between
6:50 am
highway 9 and lark avenue, the right lane is blocked, late- running caltrans work, also the lark off ramp is closed along with the connector to northbound 85. so we have some pretty serious commutes. if you're on highway -- if you're a highway 17 driver, you may be a little angry about this. if you drive highway 17, send me a tweet or drop me an e- mail. let me know after you get to work how long extra this took you. we'll let the rest of the viewers know. there's the bay bridge toll plaza, the traffic is moving along relatively well here as you head up to the toll plaza. this is northbound 280 in san jose. that traffic moves along pretty well. i wanted to show the maps real quick. 80 westbound also kind of in a world of hurt, a couple of different crashes, one at panole valley road and one near san pablo and that freeway is not doing well from vallejo coming down to richmond. i want to remind you that our morning team now has a facebook
6:51 am
page. you can find news updates and send us messages and story ideas. just search ktvu morning channel 2 news team and join us on facebook, won't you? hello, steve. >> hello, sal. reporter: are you going to join us on facebook? >> of course i will. low clouds and fog up and down the coast all over the place. and looks like a strong surge inland means warm temps from yesterday get bumped out of the way, so more fog today, sunny but cooler, the biggest decline in those temps will be for the inland locations. the cooling trend starts today, takes us into tomorrow. does look like a little rebound on thursday. maybe we'll get a north wind late thursday into friday. but today it's an onshore breeze, so low clouds and maybe some local mist or drizzle, dense fog. gray skies. 50s and 60s by the coast. always a few pockets of sun, but there's a lot of fog out there. and the system that's moveing into the north is helping to reenforce that fog bank. 46 degrees at santa rosa. we're a at 45. that is cold for the end of august, 56 san jose, 55
6:52 am
livermore. a lot of 50s here all over the place. west/southwest 23 fairfield, everything from the golden gate to even vacaville is a sea breeze. so the system that's moving in there is helping to give us a cooldown now by the coast. i mean, we've already had 50s and 60s, not much change there. but inland the temps will come down due to a strong fog bank and delta breeze which are both showing themselves very strongly today. now, unless you're really far inland, it will be a lot of 70s, some low- to mid-80s, but a lot of 70s, napa77, 78 concord, 65 alameda, 80 for pleasantton, 82 morgan hills, 76 santa clara, san jose and 77 cupertino. we'll go 50s, 60s and 70s on the coast and the city and also on the peninsula. 74 in palo alto. looks like more of the same on wednesday. thursday, friday should get more of a north wind, so a quick decrease in some of that fog and a warmup with your weekend in view, it looks warm on saturday, cooler on sunday. >> thank you, steve. 6:52 is the time.
6:53 am
a new survey shows the number of people that work part time but want to work full time is getting smaller. last september 9.5 million people reported they were underemployed. that number dropped last month and the majority of those people working part time now say they're happy with their schedule because it does give them more flexibility in their personal life. checking in on the numbers, we have the dow jones, live look at the big board down about 38 points to 11,501 ahead of some data on consumer confidence coming out in a little bit. we did have home prices, though, up, and good news for homeowners, people selling, not so great for people trying to buy a home, but that's usually viewed as a good sign for the economy in general with the home prices because they have been so depressed. the government's energy star label on home appliances is about to change slightly. starting this month there will be another label that marks refrigerators, washers, televisions and air
6:54 am
conditioners that are most efficient. the new label will be on products that the government says have exceptional or leading edge power usage and some kenmore, lg, panasonnic and samsung products have already earned the new badge. time now 6:53. i don't know if you saw them or heard them, but the big show is back in town. look. the early morning march of the biggest stars of the circus. and should people behind bars like the tucson rampage suspect be force bli medicated? -- forcibly med indicatedcated? the court hearing taking place here in the bay area today.
6:55 am
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6:57 am
welcome back to the morning news. a federal appeals court here in san francisco will hear arguments today on whether prisoners should be forcibly medicated. the court case stems from tucson rampage suspect jared loughner. he has been forcibly medicated because he is said to pose a danger behind bars. while the big show is marching back into the bay area, look at the big animals of the ringling brothers and barnum and bailey circus. the first show in san francisco is tomorrow night at 7:30. it's a big show on right now, ktvu morning news and sal doing traffic. reporter: that's right. northbound 17 we have some trouble there because of some road work that is blocking one lane unexpectedly. if you're coming in from the santa cruz mountains, give
6:58 am
yourself extra time. also bay bridge toll plaza getting a big delay now. we'll follow that up on mornings on 2. now here's steve. >> sal, thank you. cooler today with inland temps 70s and 80s after some upper 80s yesterday, that's not the case today, more fog. so 50s, 60s and 70s for many. >> thank you, steve. coming up next here on mornings on 2, a tanker fire burns for several days, now a heartless crime has many people mad. also counterfeit money and craigslist the funny money trail just outside the bay area. stay right here with us.
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